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How it works:

  • You submit a story and photos about an adventure.
  • Stories should be 600 – 1000 words.
  • We want more than just trip reports. Make it fun, unique, and engaging to read. 
  • No more than 5 photos only. Photos are required
  • Your story must contain links to the adventure on Bivy. If it is not in Bivy yet, you can either go track it yourself and add it or give us the detail and we will add it. 
  • These stories are not exclusive to Bivy. In fact, we would love if you would post it on your own blog and help tell more people about Bivy. Because it's 2018 and being exclusive is silly.
  • We will review your submission and let you know about publishing ASAP
  • We pay via Venmo or check. We pay $40 a story. 
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