Track Adventures On Bivy And Win BIG.

How it Works

Find an Adventure

Find an adventure near you using Bivy App. Be sure to download the adventures if you're headed out of phone service. And head off to the trailhead.

Track your adventure

Once at the start of the adventure, hit the TRACK button. Bivy will keep track of your location, distance, speed, and pace for you. It will even let you know when you get off route.  Enjoy your adventure and keep yourself safe and found 

Become A Legend

The more adventures you complete, the more chances you have to win. If you tracked 12 adventures, you have 12 chances to win. We will choose a winner every 3 months.  Winners will be randomly selected from all of the completed adventures in the past 3 months. If you're going out on an adventure, might as well track your stats with Bivy app and WIN!

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Next Adventure Package

Winner announced December 17th, 2018

What if my favorite adventure is not in Bivy yet?

Track Yourself

Bivy will keep track of your location, distance, and pace even if you are in no man's land. Just hit the TRACK button at the beginning of your adventure. Bivy will record all your progress along the way. It gives you an accurate record of your distance, elevation and time. 

Upload The New Adventure

Once finished, Upload the adventure for others to enjoy. You can post pictures, details, whatever you want. So don't forget to get that #summitselfie