By David Xiao I snapped awake and immediately felt the crisp, freezing cold. I have forgotten this kind of cold since I first set foot on the Pacific Crest Trail 5 months ago. I began at the Mexican border and now I am close to the end, the Goat Rocks Wilderness of Washington. After laying in silence for a few minutes, watching the vapour from my breath swirl around, I packed up and started hiking with every layer I brought.
By Kimberly McElroy At the end of April, while experiencing the adrenaline high of a recent successful 5K, I decided to combine a race within a vacation. I was almost a year into a new job and felt it was time to apply for some days off. My eyes finally turned to a 10K near the city of Prescott, AZ, specifically in the Groom Creek area off of Senator Highway. Even though I went to university
Words and Photos By Michael Polletta The second highest wind speed ever recorded on Earth clocked in at 231 mph on April 12th 1934. Was it on the 29,039 foot summit of Mt. Everest? What about the 28,351 foot summit of K2? Or was it the 20,310 foot summit of Denali? These three peaks are well known for their unforgiving weather and all three have taken the lives of many climbers. There have been many books
September 20, 2018

A Taste of Nature

By Dhimiter Qirjazi The forest began to thin out and we heard the roar of Arethusa Falls up ahead. As we neared the cascade, the brilliant blue sky opened up above us. The water flowing down the rocks was almost blindingly white from the reflection of the afternoon sun.  We had finally made it. We kicked off our shoes, peeled off our socks and our sweat-soaked shirts, tucked our gear behind some shrubs, and walked
By Pitt Grewe, Bivy Marketing Director After driving on a dirt road for over 50 miles, we were excited to get out of the vehicle and start hiking. We knew bad weather was headed our way later in the week, so we didn’t want to waste any time. After about 2 miles of hauling heavy packs full of climbing gear, we started to walk by beautiful granite monoliths. They call this area The Cathedral Graveyard
September 11, 2018


Meeting Avoidance and Desk Escape Remember that company retreat at an all inclusive resort? Food, drinks, motivational speaker, maybe some team building activities? You loved it right? At Bivy we like retreats too. But instead of luxury suites we prefer shivering ourselves to sleep. Instead of all inclusive buffets we prefer dehydrated meals. And instead of warm and fuzzy motivational quotes we prefer heavy backpacks. Thats why our HR department encourages us to go on a Bivy M.A.D.E. Trips.   Meeting Avoidance and Desk Escape     These trips are
Three of the most common mistakes dog owners make when bringing their pet on an adventure  Words and photos by Jenn McAmis One of the best parts of having a four-legged adventure companion is the opportunity to bring them out on the trail with you. Few things make me happier than watching my dog prance through an alpine meadow. However, there’s way more to adventuring with dogs than one might consider – even if you’ve
Your vacation request is approved. Trip planning starts. But then comes the big decision – spend your time off relaxing in luxury or take a big adventure? You don’t have to choose! Bivy has partnered with Glamping Hub to create a list of luxury destinations closest to your bucket list adventures. Whether you’re gearing up to go canyoneering in Zion or hiking Mount Rainier, we’ve got the perfect trip and accommodations combo ready for you.
Words and photos by Liesl Hammer Thru-hiking is more popular than ever. It seems that everyone knows at least one person who knows someone who thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, or the rare Continental Divide. You can find people on YouTube who have vlogged their entire hike and even captured gorgeous aerial shots with drones. But maybe you just haven’t done it yourself. Yet. And those 2,000+ miles seem so daunting. What if
Words and photos by Michael Polletta “That was the hardest thing I have ever done” I thought to myself as my exhausted body mustered every last bit of energy it had to walk into camp. I had just hiked 7.4 miles in just under seven hours with a 75 liter pack completely full of gear, clothing, food, and camera equipment. I burned 3,290 calories, gained 2,733 feet, and then descended 3,210 ft (according to my
Words and photos by Mati Bishop We stepped out of the forest and onto a series of ledges carved in the side of the Rogue River Valley that brought back memories of the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.   Rafts floated through the rapids below.  It was only a mile before the glee of our first steps on the Rogue River Trail was burned away by the scorching Sun and the triple digit heat of the
Words and Photos By Shanon Castle An Adventure to Sturgill’s Landing Near Skagway, Alaska I’ve lost sight of the path.  Laid out so clearly in front of me just moments ago now all I see is a jumble of rocks scattered beneath wind bent trees.  For a moment I imagine myself wandering shale scattered cliffs for days, living off spruce tips, too weak to call out for help.  The path would’ve led me straight down