Written by Becky Sokoloski When people on a trail or at a campsite ask me where I’m coming from, I say, “Massachusetts… and California.” In the time most people stop to chat on a trail (less than a minute), this answer makes no sense. But to me, it sums up my life. I am coming from the east coast, the west coast, the summit of a mountain, the canyon around the bend, and everywhere in
By Greg Mulder Around 4:30 p.m., on the John Muir Trail near the town of Mammoth Lakes, California, the sky opened up. Lightning exposed the forest understory, shadowed by a heavy thunder-clap, accelerating my heart like a defibrillator machine. My mind increased its attention on finding a camping spot, willing to take anything that would work. To the left of the trail, I noticed a square pad set between large underground rocks. It seemed like
By Emily Pennington @BrazenBackpacker “The surest way to mend a broken heart is through a forest wilderness.” -John Muir On really confusing evenings of self, I like to drink beer and make up quotations that John Muir definitely did not write. I summon him like my own, personal break-up Yoda the moment a man threatens to rip the sticky, sensitive tissue of my heart to shreds. I need this. A stubborn, fantasy-ridden reminder that things
By Lee Scott On my way home to Iowa for the holidays this year, I decided to stop in Arches National Park, Utah for a day and check it out. After talking with one of the park rangers my plan included checking out the Devil’s Garden Trail, Delicate Arch, the Balanced Rocks and other cool geological features in the park. Hiking to Delicate Arch was super cool and resulted in some sweet pictures, and the
You know you can go almost anywhere with a good puffy and lightweight rain jacket. That is enough protection from the element to get you out of a bind or get you back to the car without fully freezing. So with so many choices out there, it is hard to decide. If you are like me, you go where the best deal is. Your gear closet is full of products that give you the biggest
When I was a kid I used to hear people describe themselves as outgoing. In our day and age that is often associated with a person’s willingness to speak up and talk to another. In my young mind, I always pictured a differently. I thought outgoing meant that you were willing to try anything and go on an adventure. Both of those definitions can definitely be used. But you do not need to be both
By Amy Jurries The Gearcaster I have always wanted to bikepack through the badlands of North Dakota, with its snaking rivers and rolling prairie punctuated by multi-colored buttes and canyons. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Midwest and the lure of those wide open spaces keeps calling me back. I assumed I would ride the Maah Daah Hey Trail on a mountain bike one day, but when I read about the Badlands Gravel
Sometimes you need a little motivation to get out and see new places. Often we find ourselves hiking the same trails, climbing the same routes, or just get stuck in a routine. The best way out of that routine is to set a goal to push yourself. Jordan set off to climb the 100 most prominent points in Utah. This means he will find himself with the best views in the state. But he is
So you want to be a Mountaineer. You better consider spending some time in the great state of Washington. Rock, ice, glaciers, volcanos, Washington has a lot to offer when it comes to mountaineering and climbing. We know there are a lot to choose from but here are our 7 favorite summits in Washington. Word to the wise, these are not afternoon hikes. Prepare vigorously for these climbs and be sure to bring all of
Holes, cracks, crevasses, there are lots of names and they come in all different shapes and sizes. They all look different, and they are all pretty awesome. Mother nature has some of the best holes around. At it is amazing how willing people are to jump right in a explore them. So why don’t you take some time to go find a new hole near you and explore? You never know what you are going
Most of us are not going to travel the world to climb the 7 highest peaks on the globe. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t find our own 7 summits. And if you are visiting Salt Lake City, UT, You can get to the trailheads of 7 iconic peaks in under 45 minutes. There is something special about being able to access amazing summits so close to a bustling city. So next time you
Interested in exploring Bears Ears? Check out some of the adventures it has to offer. Or download the Bivy app in the iTunes Store and go find your wilderness perspective in your own area. Polly Canyon Big Man Pictographs Hotel Rock Butler Wash Ruins Gooseneck Overlook Trail Eagle Plume Tower Valley of the Gods Arch Canyon Lower Mule Canyon Mule Canyon North Mule Canyon Indian Creek Bullet Canyon Kane Gulch Wilderness is something that a