Most of us are not going to travel the world to climb the 7 highest peaks on the globe. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t find our own 7 summits. And if you are visiting Salt Lake City, UT, You can get to the trailheads of 7 iconic peaks in under 45 minutes. There is something special about being able to access amazing summits so close to a bustling city. So next time you
Interested in exploring Bears Ears? Check out some of the adventures it has to offer. Or download the Bivy app in the iTunes Store and go find your wilderness perspective in your own area. Polly Canyon Big Man Pictographs Hotel Rock Butler Wash Ruins Gooseneck Overlook Trail Eagle Plume Tower Valley of the Gods Arch Canyon Lower Mule Canyon Mule Canyon North Mule Canyon Indian Creek Bullet Canyon Kane Gulch Wilderness is something that a